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Flat stomach diet: how to get rid of it once and for all!


Would you like a flat and slender belly? Here is the DIY diet rich in vegetables, proteins and detox herbal teas. Fatty foods and refined flours are banned …

Have excess food and stress led you to have a swollen abdomen and feel weighed down? With a diet for a flat stomach rich in water, fiber and minerals, you can get rid of waste and toxins in a few days.

The secret to having a dry and defined abdomen is to follow a diet without sweets and animal fats combined with abdominal exercises . To help the belly deflate, you must eat foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals . In addition, you need to drink lots of water and herbal teas to promote diuresis and eliminate excess waste. Let’s see, then, how to follow a flat stomach diet for results in a short time.


Flat stomach diet with vegetables and detox herbal teas

The first secret to deflating the belly is to eat lots of vegetables . If you are not used to eating vegetables for both lunch and dinner you may experience an annoying feeling of heaviness and swelling. This is due to the fact that vegetables are rich in water . However, you can immediately benefit from great benefits, as the vegetable water will help you eliminate excess toxins and stimulate diuresis .

Water is therefore essential to deflate the belly and eliminate swelling caused by fats and carbohydrates. During the day, drink lots of water and prepare yourself one or two draining and purifying herbal teas to drink preferably between meals. Excellent herbal teas based on ginger , fennel or chicory seeds and artichokes that help digest and cleanse the liver.

Lose weight on your stomach: recommended and prohibited foods

The recommended foods are those free of fat and sugar . Refined and carbohydrate-rich products are banned. Therefore, avoid white bread, desserts and pasta. Always prefer products with wholemeal, spelled or kamut flours , as they are more digestible. Corn flour is also recommended, as it is gluten-free and does not swell and digest better.

To have a flat stomach it is also important to eat foods rich in fiber and protein . Fiber is important for good digestion, while fiber will help build muscle fiber and make your meals lighter. Green light for soy, sugar-free cereals and white meats.


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