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Flax seeds: the contraindications that it is important to know

flax seed

Flax seeds: contraindications and properties to know before starting to include them in your diet.

Although mostly known for their beneficial properties , contraindications in flax seeds can be important to know. Especially when you decide to include them constantly in your diet .
So let’s find out why they are good and what are the precautions to be taken before starting to take them.

Flax seeds: properties and contraindications

Let’s start by saying that flax seeds are oil seeds rich in beneficial properties that can be taken both in seeds and through their oil .

flax seed
flax seed

Rich in Omega 3, they are an excellent remedy for constipation while offering a good dose of minerals and vitamins. Excellent for purifying waste, they are also to be considered a valid anti-inflammatory for the intestine and all this by stimulating the immune system and protecting the body from inflammation such as cystitis. Among other things, they help lower bad cholesterol levels, prevent diabetes and help regulate hormones. They also help keep skin and hair shinier.

It can therefore be said that flax seeds, between benefits and contraindications, are certainly to be taken into consideration for the first ones. Nevertheless, some details cannot be underestimated which make them unsuitable in certain circumstances. Their use, for example, is not indicated in case of diverticulitis and is not recommended in very young children.

How to take flax seeds to stay healthy

Flax seeds should be taken in an amount of two tablespoons per day. There are some opinions about ground flaxseed and contraindications about it. This is linked to the fact that these seeds contain an acid called cyanogen and that combined with the sulfur compounds present in the body can give life to a substance similar to cyanide.

Being in the indicated quantity, their intake does not involve any kind of problem. As long as you are healthy, do not smoke and have no thyroid problems. Regarding flax seeds and contraindications for the thyroid the level of toxicity could occur even with smaller quantities. In case of doubt, therefore, it is always good to contact your doctor first.

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