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The flexibar is the new tool that helps shaping, slimming down and enhancing your workout effectiveness. Here’s how to use it!

There is a new tool to use while you exercise which helps to eliminate cellulite and to shape your body. It is the flexibar, a special swinging bar that enhances your workout effectiveness.

This bar is more and more widespread, especially in pilates, yoga, trampolines, aerobics and pole dance classes. The discipline which uses this tool the most is called Body butterfly, already famous in the United States. Let’s better find out how it works.

Flexibar: the new tool that intensifies your workout effectiveness!

The bar is made of glass fiber and it is at least one meter and 65 centimeters long. At its center there is a handle to grab it, which continuosly oscillates and vibrates. The expert Monya Mancuso explained: “The cardio workout you do with the bar is comparable to the one on the treadmill“.

Flexibar: the new tool to lose weight, slim down and shape your body!
Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/jtsdragon/?hl=it

The idea was born in the world of paralympic dance, when Monya was looking for an effective way to develop cardio resistance and strength in her disabled students. After the surprising discovery, several other disciplines started to use this bar, in order to intensify the workout. Among these, there are pilates, yoga, postural re-education, functional training, pole dance and many other activities.

The tool oscillating movements unbalance the body, which is forced to activate its muscles in order to stabilize and not to fall. The flexibar has many benefits: it develops muscle tone, slims down and reduces cellulite, other than being very funny.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/jtsdragon/?hl=it

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