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Flushes in menopause: here’s why they come and how to remedy them

hot woman

Hot flashes in menopause are a problem that affects many women. Let’s find out why they come and how to act to better enjoy this delicate period of life.

Hot flashes of menopause affect about 75% of women. They occur from 50 years of age, can last from a few seconds to a few minutes and have a variable extent. For this reason they can become a serious problem for those who are faced with them. Generally they arrive with a sense of sudden heat in the face and in the neck area, all while the temperature has a few degrees drop, reaching even 34 degrees. This leads the woman to sweat and feel cold shortly thereafter. All accompanied by a sense of heat that is often annoying and difficult to sustain.

In fact, during menopause, a woman’s hormones change and lead the body to put others into circulation by stimulating the hypothalamus. A situation that causes the above problems. Fortunately, there are remedies for hot flashes in menopause that can be implemented in order to better live this period of life .

Flushing in menopause: the remedies

To better cope with the period of menopause and the associated hot flashes, you must first adopt a healthy lifestyle. This means trying to have regular hours , always going to sleep at the same times and trying to keep yourself as relaxed as possible. In this case, yoga and relaxing physical activities are very useful.

hot woman
hot woman

Together with the attending physician, the possible integration with drugs can also be evaluated. And, as often happens when it comes to well-being, a great help comes from nutrition.

Flushing in menopause: what to eat?

To help the body it is good to learn to distinguish the foods that are good from those that can increase the problem of hot flashes. Among the foods to eat for hot flashes there are for example:

– Fruit
– Vegetables
– The soy
– The Yogurt
The nuts
– Whole grains
– Legumes

Among the foods to avoid for hot flashes in menopause there are:

– Alcohol
– Spicy foods
– Aged cheeses
– The sweets
– Red meat
– Drinks with caffeine

It is also advisable to always eat balanced and drink enough water to properly hydrate the body.

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