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Foam roller: how to use it to relax the muscles and eliminate cellulite

Foam roller

The foam roller is a very useful tool for training. Let’s see what it is used for, which to choose and how to use it.

The foam roller has become an indispensable tool for training, both at home and in the gym. It is a foam roller , as you can guess from the name, which until a few years ago was used only in physiotherapy to treat muscle contractures.

Today the roller is used not only to relax the muscles , but also to improve circulation, eliminate stagnation of liquids and therefore fight cellulite . Let’s better see how to use it and which to choose.

Foam roller: what it is for

Foam roller
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The foam roller is used to make the myofascial massage , or rather a massage of the muscle groups, which helps to dissolve contractures , to prevent injuries, to reactivate the circulation and fight water retention . We also recommend using the massage rollers to warm up the muscles before training and to relax them at the end.

It can be used for both the upper and lower body, but it is mainly used for the back muscles , even in case of pain due to incorrect posture and sitting or standing for many hours.

Foam roller, which one to choose?

There are many types of rollers on the market, large or small, with a smooth or machined surface, suitable for different needs. The important thing is to choose an easy-to-handle , not too large, roller that can be used both for the back and for the arms and legs.

Fitness experts also advise choosing smooth rollers , because they are more effective, even if they are slightly more painful than those worked. As for costs, the price of a good tool is around 30-40 euros.

Foam roller: how to use it

How to relax your muscles with the foam roller? In a very simple way: just lie down on the mat and place the roller under your back , sliding it with your body weight. The exercise should be done very slowly, for about five minutes, before or after training at home and in the gym (but also independently of it).

For cellulite, the roller massage should be done morning and evening, for about ten minutes. The roller must be positioned under the buttocks , and then slide it up to the knees.

Photo source: exercise-allenamento-yoga-a-rulli-1284370/

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