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Fodmap diet, the diet that prevents irritable bowel syndrome

Fodmap diet

Among the many types of diets we can find one that helps protect against irritable bowel syndrome: the Fodmap diet.

The Fodmap diet is that diet that, if chosen, allows you to consume foods free of fermented substances . And this is precisely the aspect that allows this perfect diet for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome: the consequences are swollen stomach, bloating, abdominal and intestinal discomfort .

As many will surely know how to follow a diet that is as correct as possible, as well as helping our body, it allows us to prevent many pathologies or problems. In this diet, which lasts from six to eight weeks, products that are fermented or that can ferment are gradually eliminated.

Fodmap diet: what to eat

First you need to know that the Fodmap diet consists of a well-balanced diet rich in macronutrients, which are gradually introduced into the diet. In any case, even if the Fodmap diet is often used to treat irritated colon situations, it is always necessary to consult your doctor before starting the diet. Also because, especially in this case, the needs of every single person are to be considered, so it is not a diet that is valid for everyone.


In any case, the Fodmap diet includes foods that everyone can consume, namely banana, orange, mandarin, grapes and melon . In addition, even if it is dried fruit, you can eat almonds and pumpkin seeds.

As for vegetables, the Fodmap diet provides for the consumption of zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and green beans. Although fermented foods should be avoided, it is possible to eat gluten-free products such as buckwheat, oats, basmati rice or quinoa . As for meat and fish, it is better to prefer lean products, while cheeses must be hard or lactose-free.

Fodmap diet: what to avoid

The highly processed and sugar-rich products, when ingested, remain in our intestines , attracting the water molecules. The situation that arises in our body is therefore that of overfermentation, which is the triggering cause of irritable bowel syndrome.

Russian salad bread
Russian salad bread

But which foods to avoid? First of all we certainly find mangoes, watermelons, peaches, apples, plums, pistachios and cashews. In addition, there are vegetables that can cause an increase in symptoms of the irritated colon and for this they should be avoided, we refer to:

-onion and leeks
– Savoy cabbage

Products that contain dairy products are also banned in the Fodmap’s diet, such as yogurt, fresh cheeses and pastries. Finally, the same goes for some legumes and products such as buckwheat that can ferment once they have been baked.

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