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On the market there are many types of dietary supplements, recommended for basically any type of problem. But do you really need them? 

Supplements are products particularly rich in nutrients, suitable to complete the normal diet of a person, especially in case of deficiencies. We can now find on sale products that meet every kind of need: to improve concentration, to strengthen hair and nails, to cope with special situations, such as menopause or pregnancy, and so much more. What are the best supplements and what are they for?

Dietary supplements for weight loss

The most common supplements are the one that help losing weight. Among these, the most famous one are those based on piperine, turmeric or Garcinia cambogia. Are they really useful? Basically, there is no magic pill to lose weight without any effort.

Of course, these products contain substances that accelerate the metabolism and help reducing the sense of hunger. However, they should only be taken as “support”. The only really efficient way to lose weight is following a proper diet and working out.

Hair and nail supplements

Food supplements: what they are and when to use them
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The products which improve the health of hair and nails are very common, too. The best ones are the natural food supplements that contain vitamin C and vitamins of the B group, in addition to some important minerals. For example, they contain zinc, selenium and copper in the first place.

Dietary supplements for cholesterol

There are products which help to lower the blood cholesterol level. Some are rich in dietary fibers, which reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Others contain substances that perform functions similar to statins. They are the active ingredient of many medications against high cholesterol.

The best dietary supplements for cholesterol are those based on fermented red rice, but also those containing dandelion, artichoke or flax oil.

Are dietary supplements really useful?

In addition to those mentioned above, there are many other products rich in minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, vitamins and protein. They can heal some health disorders and prevent deficiencies. But are they really useful?

Actually, just like the name says, you need supplements only to “integrate” what you consume through the diet. Therefore, they should be used only in case of deficiency, for example if you suffer from anemia and need iron supplementats.

A healthy person takes the right amount of vitamins and minerals through a proper diet and does not need to resort to pills. It is much better to introduce a good dose of fruits and vegetables in our diet, instead of buying dietary supplements.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/pillole-compresse-droga-medico-3114364/

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