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Foods and natural remedies to cleanse the kidneys

Cleanse the kidneys

The kidneys perform many important functions for our health, which is why we need to ensure that they are always in perfect shape!

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs found in the abdominal cavity, on either side of the spine. Their main role is to filter the blood by collecting all the waste substances, which it will then proceed to excrete thanks to the urine. They also maintain the correct hydrosaline balance in the body unaltered. In short, it is clear why it is so important to ensure that the kidneys are always fully functional. A good way to take care of them is to purify them: here’s how.

Cleanse the kidneys: tips

Many substances accumulate in the kidneys that must be expelled from the body , and which if they stagnate inside them can give life to kidney stones. For this reason, and to prevent them from ceasing to function properly, it is good to follow some simple tips that allow you to take care of these organs.

First of all you need to drink a lot of water , which increases the volume of urine and allows you to more easily eliminate the substances that arrive in the kidneys. Sweating is also a great way to keep kidney function in good condition. Through sweat we can expel various toxins from the body, thus relieving the load on the kidneys.

How to cleanse the kidneys with natural remedies

Cleanse the kidneys
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To proceed with the purification, we can rely on various herbal remedies . For example, nettle has purifying properties: it is rich in vitamins and flavonoids, which help eliminate waste and promote diuresis. The same goes for burdock , a plant with a strong diuretic activity, which allows the expulsion of excess fluids.

Another herbal remedy widely used for this purpose is solidago . It is a plant that, thanks to flavonoids, polyphenols and mucilages, prevent the formation of gravel and kidney stones. The essential oil of juniper , on the other hand, promotes the excretion of uric acid and is an excellent antiseptic, to prevent and treat inflammation.

Foods to cleanse the kidneys

Of course, diet also plays a major role in this role. There are foods that promote diuresis and purification of the organism, and therefore should never be missing on our table. Fruits and vegetables , in particular, are good for the kidneys. Rich in water and vitamins, they have important beneficial properties.

The most suitable foods are blueberries , grapes, citrus fruits, apples, watermelon, cabbage, celery, cucumbers , potatoes, pumpkin seeds, parsley, ginger, turmeric, legumes .

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