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Foods rich in vitamin C to strengthen the immune system

Foods rich in vitamin C

From fruit to vegetables, we see all foods with vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and counteract fatigue!

Vitamin C is essential for strengthening the immune system and having younger looking skin. Citrus fruits , especially oranges , are an excellent natural remedy for colds and flu and help prevent any relapses.

For a snack, for example, prepare yourself a fresh fruit smoothie with kiwi, strawberries and ginger and you will thus have a full day of well-being. Vegetables such as broccoli, turnip greens and peppers are also excellent allies for the immune system. Let’s see how to live better and be stronger with lots of seasonal fruit and vegetables!

Foods rich in vitamin C
Foods rich in vitamin C

Fruit rich in vitamin C

Among the fruits richest in vitamin C, currants are among the first places, which contain about 200 mg per 100 g . Furthermore, being rich in folic acid is a real panacea for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, the vitamins A and E contained in it are excellent for protecting the skin from aging.

In the first places there are also kiwis which contain 85 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of product, followed by litchis, pomelo and papaya .

Strawberries, oranges and grapefruits are also excellent , with their approximately 54 mg of vitamin C per 100 g. You can use them to make detox drinks with lemon and ginger and immediately get more energy .

Vegetables with vitamin C: from broccoli to peppers

Among the foods with vitamin C, broccoli and cauliflower are the ones that provide a large amount. Broccoli contains about   110 mg in 100 g of raw product, while cauliflower 48 mg.

Turnip greens are also good for the immune system with their 110 mg when raw, or 86 mg when cooked. They have detoxifying , mineralizing and anti-anemic properties . Being also rich in calcium , they protect and strengthen the bones. The magnesium and chlorophyll contained in them help to maintain a good mood.

Excellent for dressing salads red or yellow pepper, with 166 mg of vitamin C and rocket which has 110 mg. In proportion, therefore, the pepper is able to provide three times more than an orange.

How to get the best of vitamin C from food

It is important to keep in mind that vitamin C is very labile and tends to fade with cooking, storage or even simple exposure to air .

To make sure you take it correctly, it is therefore advisable to consume fruit with vitamin C which, being fresh, maintains a higher concentration. In the case of orange or other citrus fruit juices, these should be consumed soon and not stored. If, on the other hand, you eat vegetables it is advisable to prefer peppers and tomatoes to be inserted raw or to cook the others as little as possible.

Warning: many of the foods rich in vitamin C also contain salicylates. Reason why those who are allergic to acetyl salicylic acid should pay attention to their consumption, trying never to go beyond a certain amount. In case of doubts about it, it is always better to ask your doctor for an opinion.

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