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Foods rich in zinc: what they are and why they are good for the body

foods with zinc

Foods rich in zinc are essential for good health. Let’s find out what they are and what benefits they bring to the body.

For a healthy and proper diet, it is very important to make sure that you consume foods rich in zinc.
This precious mineral is in fact essential for our body. It supports the immune system and various vital functions and supports it in various metabolic processes.

Luckily, zinc in food is pretty easy to find, and by consuming the right ones, you can secure the daily amount you need (about 12 mg per day) to live well. To this end, we therefore try to understand where it is possible to find it in greater quantities.

What are the foods rich in zinc

Many people wonder where zinc is found. It is, after all, a lesser known element than other minerals such as, for example, iron .

foods with zinc
foods with zinc

And for this reason it can sometimes happen that you do not even know which foods contain zinc. Among the many it is good to remember:

– The oysters.
– Wheat germs.
The beans .
– The chickpeas.
– Lentils.
– Pumpkin seeds.
– Sunflower seeds.
– The liver.
– The bran.
– Almonds.
– Cashews.
– The pine nuts.
– The bitter cocoa.
– The mile.
Quinoa .
– Spelled.

Why it is okay to eat zinc-rich foods

As already mentioned, zinc largely supports the immune system. Among other things, it helps brain function and appears to be useful in combating the symptoms of depression . Rich in antioxidants, it helps prevent diabetes and is also useful against attacks of diarrhea.

Its beneficial properties, however, do not stop there. Zinc is also useful for the well-being of the fetus and newborn, it is a great friend of skin and hair and helps to keep the mood high.

All reasons why consuming it is a real panacea for health even if, as with any vitamin and mineral, it is always good to take it in a healthy and natural way in order to avoid excesses. This is why it is okay to receive it through foods, taking advantage of those that contain more and turning (if needed) to a nutritionist able to draw up a complete meal plan in both vitamins and minerals. In case of deficiency, however, before trying supplements it is always better to contact your doctor.

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