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Foot reflexology: a foot massage with many benefits

Foot reflexology

Massage technique based on acupressure, foot reflexology uses the connection between feet and other parts of the body to bring different benefits to the body.

When we talk about foot reflexology we refer to a particular massage technique based on acupressure. It is a natural technique that allows you to restore the balance of the body by interacting with specific points located on the sole of the foot . This particular type of massage is based on the concept that our feet, like our hands, are connected to the rest of the body. Foot reflexology, if done correctly, can bring several health benefits : let’s find out.

Foot reflexology: what is it?

Before talking about the health benefits of using this particular foot massage technique, it is good to understand better what it is.

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As previously stated, foot reflexology is a type of massage . But what makes a normal foot massage better? The main difference lies in the fact that in this practice the masseur interacts with specific points located on the plant.

These points are energetically related to specific parts of our body, be it organs or systems. By stimulating these points (which are called reflex points ) with the thumb, we will obtain different beneficial effects, which will vary according to the area.

The benefits of acupressure

We therefore know that foot reflexology is based on the stimulation of some reflex points present on the sole of the foot. By exerting pressure on these areas, it is possible to intervene on different organs or systems, preventing or eliminating possible imbalances in the organism.

In general, reflexology helps combat three categories of ailments. Let’s talk about inflammation, tension and congestion . The latter will not be deleted immediately. The balance will be achieved gradually , through several sessions.

When resorting to this technique, it is always good to consult an expert . Mistakes in carrying out the massage could lead to the development of side effects .

Foot reflexology: which ailments it fights

When talking about plantar reflexology it is good to keep in mind that the points involved in this technique are many . In this section, we will review some of the most important points, building on the benefits of interacting with them.

Reflex points
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One of the most used reflex points is certainly the one that interacts with the solar plexus and the diaphragm (whose health is important for diaphragmatic breathing ). The point is located on the metatarsal phalangeal joint of the ilyx (second finger starting from the big toe). Its stimulation helps against anxiety , promoting the finding of peace and serenity.

Foot reflexology can also be used to combat tension in the neck muscles . If you want to interact with it, all you have to do is work on the inner side of the big toe.

The acupressure-based massage technique can also be useful against stomach upset . These ailments can be combated by applying thumb pressure to the sole of the foot. In particular, the area we are talking about is located on the sole of the left foot, between the first and second metatarsals.

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