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For a truly effective anti-aging treatment comes mesobotox!

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After the great success of botox, beauty science evolves and mesobotox arrives. This treatment is even more effective but, above all, less invasive and less harmful.

New technologies are always at the forefront over the years and tend to amaze us more and more. This is what happened in the beauty world when the invention of the mesobotox anti-age treatment solved the problems of millions of women .

For those who already know botox, the operation is similar, with the important difference that it is an even more effective method with the least level of invasiveness for the skin. Well, no time to waste, let’s find out what it is!

What is mesobotox treatment and how it works

Every woman wants to have flawless , limpid and smooth skin like that of a young woman. Yet in the past it has not always been easy to obtain this result, especially for those who want to remain as natural as possible. From today, however, the solution is at hand with a new and exceptional technology called Mesobotox.

face botox
face botox

The anti-aging treatment takes its inspiration from the famous botox, becoming less invasive, more natural and, therefore, in step with the times. For botox an injection of botulinum toxin (among other things highly toxic) into the superficial layer of the facial muscles was foreseen. The novelty of mesobotox is instead that of being less toxic as the botulinum toxin is dissolved in a decidedly less invasive aqueous solution .

In fact, it contains enzymes, minerals, antioxidant vitamins and hyaluronic acid for the (real) well-being of our skin. In addition, the treatment involves small injections in the superficial part of the dermis and guarantees a more natural and lasting compactness to our face. The result of a regenerated skin without blemishes, wrinkles or imperfections is visible, and is obtained with short sessions of about 30 minutes each. Not bad, right?

Mesobotox and side effects

Thanks to the more delicate and less violent nature of the mesobotox treatment, no convalescence is expected for those who perform it. Apart from some discomfort and irritation to the skin of the face in the hours following the session , it does not give any side effects to worry about. The important thing however is never to trust those who promise miracles with dizzying discounts but always to rely on qualified and certified professionals in the sector. On the other hand, treating and purifying the skin in a simple way is possible, if you know the right techniques!

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