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For colds, have you ever tried Bach flowers?

Bach flowers

Bach flowers are good natural remedies for colds and flu. Let’s see which ones to use against this disorder.

Like every winter, being able to avoid catching the flu and cold is practically impossible. Fortunately, unless there is an infection to be treated with specific antibiotics, natural remedies can be used to combat the flu symptoms. Among these we find Bach flowers, floral remedies invented by the British doctor Edward Bach. According to this natural medicine, to cure a person you have to cure his emotions, which would determine the physical symptoms. The different types of flowers are therefore able to transform negative emotion into positive , healing ailments. So let’s see how to get rid of a cold using Bach flowers!

How to cure colds with Bach flowers

Bach flowers
Bach flowers

Among the most used Bach flowers for colds is Crab Apple , which is the flower of cleanliness and inner order. It is used to purify the body, eliminate viruses and toxins. It is excellent in case of cold to thin the mucus. It can be used alone, or together with Wild Rose , the wild rose, rich in vitamin C. This flower is particularly useful when you are very weak and without strength.

To defeat the cold, you should take 4 drops of Bach flowers 4 times a day , directly into the mouth, in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bed.

Bach flowers to prevent colds

To prevent the flu and reduce mucus secretions from the nose, we recommend taking Walnut , the walnut, which serves to protect against negative influences, whether it be viruses or people.

If the cold is not due to flu viruses, but only in the cold, it is better to use Star of Bethlehem , the flower that helps to regain strength, to overcome trauma and colds.

When the body is very tired and weakened, Olive is also very useful, to prevent the attack of bacteria and viruses.

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