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Forget your manicure: the new trend is messy nails!

Forget your manicure: the new trend is messy nails!

The new season trend is ignoring your nails: no manicure and no perfect nails, but a messy effect!

Messy nails are already fashionable and will especially succeed during summer 2019. It is a complete disaster effect manicure. Not having perfect nails will be very trendy, against everything we have seen so far.

But be careful, because you can not forget your manicure, not at all! Nail experts will specifically create the disaster, which will be impossibile to recreate on your own. You will need the care and professional work of your trusted nail specialist. This may seem a paradox.

Messy nails and imperfect nail art are the new trends!

This trend was created in London. Many people love it already and social networks are full of messy nail photos. This new fashion started at Preen, a fashion show inspired by nomadism. The models’ nails were brown or gray, with flaked manicures showing bases and regrowths. Moreover, their nail polish was in pieces and messy.

Unghie effetto disastro
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During Nicholas Kirkwood fashion show, models walked the catwalk wearing cyber hackers style clothes. Their manicure was messy, too. The effect was the same as if you have spent an entire working week typing on a keybord.

The nail artist Marian Newman said: “For Mary Katrantzou fashion show, there were used approximately 4000ml of gel, enough to cover a black cab“.

So even if you do not have time to have your nails done, you will still be trendy. Of course, this is not the only season trend: nude colors, french manicure, neon yellow nail polish and nail glitter will still be fashionable.

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