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Foundation: choose the best one for your summer!

Foundation: choose the best one for your summer!

Which is the best foundation to use in summer, in order to avoid a shiny or heavy effect? Let’s find out which products to use during this season and the best ones on the marlket!

Using foundation during summer might look like a bad idea: your skin would look shinier than usual, it could cover too much (just what we need in winter!) and would make your makeup look heavier.

However, beauty addicts cannot give up on foundation during this season. So, don’t worry! There are actually products with a light texture that are perfect for us! Let’s find out more!

Which are the best products to use during summer?

In beauty shops you can find thousands of products: for this reason, we need to be careful when it comes to buy the best one. It is better to choose a BB Cream or a mineral product, because they help moisturizing our skin and avoid the heavy effect.

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You can also choose cosmetics that protect your skin from sunrays. This is a good way to avoid Sun damages, considering that you should use your sunscreen not only on the beach, but also when you’re in town.

Therefore, in order to avoid the shiny effect, you need matte products. During summer, you can use the Chanel’s Les Beigs Teint Belle Mine Naturelle foundation, rich in mineral pigments. Giorgio Armani’s product, Maestro Fusion, is also an amazing alternative.

If you are lucky enough to not have an oily skin and you can use the highlighter in summer, too, choose Diego dalla Palma’s RVB LAB: it is the perfect foundation for you. It is a moisturizer, moreover it lets your skin shine and has antioxidant properties.

If you have a lower budget, you can choose the Sephora’s Glow Perfection Foundation. It is made with rose and ialuronic acid extracts, helps hiding blemishes and makes your face shine!

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