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Four remedies to get rid of stretch marks

Four remedies to get rid of stretch marks

Let’s see out to get rid of stretch marks and prevent them with some natural remedies our grandmothers used!

A lot of people have stretch marks, both women and men. They are stripes that look like scars on our skin. First they appear in red, then they turn white, and they appear when our tissues are not elastic enough to beat sudden weight changes.

They often appear during a pregnancy, puberty or after a diet. Unfortunately, as they are just like scars, it is difficult to eliminate them, but it is possible to prevent them and improve their look, in order to make them almost invisible. Let’s see how to get rid of stretch marks with natural methods!

How to eliminate red stretch marks

The red ones are “fresh”, they ahve just appeared and therefore are easier to get rid of. The best and most efficient natural remedies to eliminate them before they turn white are:

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  • olive oil. Massage it every day on your wet skin after a shower. Olive oil contains vitamin E, that has renewing and elastic properties. Moreover, it is cheap and you can easily find it anywhere: everyone of us has a bottle at home!
  • sweet almond oil. Massage it on your wet skin every day, in order to avoid new stretch marks and to improve the look of the ones you already have. This is recommended especially for pregnant women and all those people with sensitive skin.
  • shea butter. If you use it everyday, it makes your skin more elastic, toned and soft. You can find it in every beauty and herbalist’s shop, but read the label carefully: it has to be pure and with no additives!

How to get rid of white ones

It is diffcult to get rid of this problem, but not impossible. The only thing you can do is to constantly scrub and hydrate your skin, in order to make them less visible. Moreover, consider that the more you are tan, the mroe they will be visible, because your skin will get darker, but the stretch marks won’t.

An amazing natural scrub is the one with coffee, cocoa and coconut oil. Mix coffee grounds, powdered cocoa and coconut oil until you obtain a cream not too dry nor too liquid, and use it under the shower twice a week. Moreover, do not forget to hydrate your skin every day with specific products against red stretch marks.

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