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Four whites, the original recipe for the transparent cocktail

Four white cocktails

The Quattro bianchi cocktail is made with few ingredients, it is strong and suitable for the most trained palates. How to prepare the recipe to propose to friends.

This particular cocktail owes its name to the color of the ingredients that compose it, an intense flavor that will delight even the most demanding palates. The predominant white makes it almost invisible in the glass, but the taste is unique. The 4 white cocktail was born in the 90s and was the typical drink of discos, as it was used to get drunk quickly. It is very similar to another Cocktail, the Long Island Iced Tea, except that in the 4 whites there is no Coca Cola.

Four white cocktails
Four white cocktails

Preparation of the cocktail Four whites

  1. Making the four white cocktails is simple because it requires just a few steps. The first step consists in inserting the 4 alcoholic components in the shaker: Rum, Tequila, Gin and Vodka together with the lemon juice and the sweet syrup and shake.
  2. After shaking, it’s time to add the ice cubes and mix for about 15 minutes.
  3. At this point you must pour the mixture obtained into a sufficiently high glass and fill with the ice cubes at your disposal.
  4. The last part concerns the garnish with a slice of lemon, after which all that remains is to serve it.

The 4 whites recipe is highly alcoholic, given the presence of four strong liqueurs, therefore the cocktail should be consumed with extreme moderation (a bit like the Negroni ).

Variants of the original recipe: the Four white cocktail with strawberry and amaro

The 4 white cocktails reach about 30 degrees, therefore not suitable for everyone, for this reason, alternatively, some variations are possible. The most optimal modification can be obtained with the addition of the strawberry. The base of the 4 white cocktails remains the same, about 5 strawberries or syrup flavored with the exquisite red fruit should be added to the liqueurs.
The ingredients must be mixed in the shaker if you want to add the strawberry syrup, or crush the strawberries and then mix them with the spirits. In this way, thanks to the sweetness of the strawberry, the high alcohol content is lightened.

Another way, then, to modify the strong alcoholic flavor of the Quattro whites is to add a few drops of bitterness, eliminating tequila and rum . The recipe for the four whites then becomes: 15 ml of vodka, the bitter and gin in equal parts, lemon juice, ice and 15 ml of sugar syrup. We advise you to serve the cocktail in the glass with the garnish of a slice of grapefruit along with a radish, a carrot and even a nice salad leaf. In addition to bitterness, you can replace tequila and rum with grated ginger .

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