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France has a new initiative to protect the planet. On green Mondays, you do not eat meat and fish!

There are so many people who love following environmental philosophy and who warned to save the Planet, mankind and animals. The initiative comes from France, but will soon spread all over Europe: its name is green Monday.

During this specific day, you do not eat meat nor fish. The motto of these people is: manger changer” that is, to eat and change. It’s a matter of changing your diet for one day a week. Let’s find out together more details about this project.

Green Monday: the food initiative to save our planet!

The main goal of this initiative is to support the environment and defend the animals. In fact, intensive farming implies soil erosion and excessive water consumption. France is among the first countries to support this project.

France introduces the green Monday: no meat and fish to save the planet!
Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/verdure-carota-cibo-sano-dieta-1085063/

The director general of WWF France, Pascal Canfin, said: “Not to mention that the meat consumed in France is nourished with soy coming from the Amazon area deforestation“. This is way the French presented this project:  to verify what would happen if a large number of people decided not to to eat meat and fish for a day a week.

This is not just a environmental and animal rights related proposal. Actually, the reasons for this choice are also related to human health. Giving up these foods for just a day per week could bring great benefits even to our body.

We all know that animal proteins increase blood sugar levels and make you gain weight. Moreover, kidneys stress and the growth of cancer cells increase. Let’s just try to and follow this lifestyle to experience its benefits, for our health and for the environment.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/verdure-carota-cibo-sano-dieta-1085063/

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