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Frankincense essential oil: excellent against coughs and rheumatism


Obtained from Boswellia Sacra, frankincense essential oil is rich in beneficial effects, in particular against cough and phlegm. Let’s find out the properties of this essence.

Incense, a term that generically indicates a set of resins produced by different plants belonging to the genus Boswellia . However, only one of these plants can produce frankincense essential oil.

We are talking about the Boswellia Sacra , a deciduous tree with variable height that grows mainly in the desert areas of the southern Arabian peninsula and in the horn of Africa. In April, through the use of a non-sharp chisel, the resin produced by this tree is collected to obtain the incense from which, later, the homonymous essential oil will be obtained.

Let’s find out all the properties and uses of frankincense essential oil.

Frankincense essential oil, the properties

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Frankincense essential oil has several beneficial properties. First, let’s remember those against coughs and colds . This essence helps to clear the blocked airways and relieves the symptoms of bronchitis and cough. In addition, it is excellent against rheumatism and joint pain , especially if the latter were caused by the cold.

Calming properties are also very important. Frankincense essential oil acts on the central nervous system, rebalancing it and helping those who use it to get rid of anxieties , fears and stress . It is no coincidence that incense, in the form of resin, is often used as a fragrance to accompany meditation.

And let’s not forget about its antiseptic properties . It is an excellent essence to purify the air and fight bacterial disorders.

The uses of frankincense essential oil

Are you trying to get rid of cough or excess phlegm? You have two possibilities. The first is to use this essential oil in the suffumigi . A couple of drops in a basin of boiling water will do just fine. The second possibility is to spread the essence in the air through a diffuser of aromas and essential oils.

Against joint pain and rheumatism, prepare a massage oil by diluting two or three drops of essence in 30ml of vegetable oil. After that, apply on the affected part.

As for proper use, there should be no side effects . However, abuse or misuse of this essence may have undesirable effects.

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