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French hair removal: intimate hair removal that you (perhaps) do not know yet


Among the intimate hair removal, one of the most discussed is undoubtedly the French hair removal: let’s find out what it is and what it consists of.

Groin hair removal, more than any other form of hair removal, is a way to give free rein to the imagination : one of the least classic and one of the most extreme is certainly the French hair removal. There are, in fact, many types of intimate hair removal, each different in style, but one of the most talked about is the French hair removal, often also called French or Playboy Wax , which we will talk about today. This hair removal is in fact also called Playboy Wax, because it became famous thanks to the bunnies of the well-known magazine.

French groin hair removal: what it is

There are different styles of intimate hair removal ranging from the classic depilation of the bikini area which essentially consists in removing only unwanted hair to gradually more extensive hair removal up to the full one. Between these two extremes there are a whole series of hair removal that represent real styles, also marking periodic trends.


French hair removal is one of those that comes closest to the integral one. In fact, in this type of hair removal all the hairs present on the pubis are removed, except for a small strip in the center of about 1 or 2 cm.

French hair removal: how to do it

Like most groin hair removal, French Wax is also done through waxing . For this type of hair removal, we mostly go to professional beauty studios.

Alternatively, you can also resort to depilatory strips and, therefore, try the DIY way, even if compared to other more classic hair removal, to obtain a flawless result it is better to turn to a professional.

In any case, especially when it comes to hair removal in such a delicate area, it is important to use some precautions to avoid skin irritation. First of all, before shaving you need to do a scrub (even do it yourself) , at least the day before, this helps to eliminate dead cells and makes you less likely to encounter the appearance of ingrown hair.

After hair removal, however, it is important to keep the skin hydrated in order to prevent it from becoming dry. Furthermore, since it is a delicate area, to avoid irritation it is always good to choose products that have been tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

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