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Fried Chisolini, the good ones like they do in Piacenza!


Let’s try the easy recipe of Piacenza chisolini, a kind of fried bread to be served in small portions and with a variety of cold cuts.

The typical recipe of chisolini from Castell’Arquato, a town in the province of Piacenza , is one of the most renowned in the gastronomic repertoire of Emilia-Romagna. Extremely simple, you can also make it at home, procuring the few ingredients you need. The slightly more elaborate step is the one in which you have to knead everything, to obtain an elastic and moldable result. In some areas of the north, they are also called fried dumplings . Anyway, these little delights are made with bread dough and fried. Traditionally, frying was done with lard, but fried in oil is also delicious. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, we can’t wait to taste them!


Preparation of the recipe for chisolini

  1. For the dough, pour the flour (sifted) into a bowl.
  2. Add the instant yeast, sugar and also the fine salt.
  3. Mix these powders, then add the soft butter (in chunks). Incorporate the latter to the rest.
  4. In another container, pour the water and add the milk, to mix them together.
  5. Next, add this mixture to the dough and mix, working with your hands.
  6. Knead, even on a work surface, until you get a firm dough.
  7. Put it in a bowl, cover it with cling film and let it rest for at least 1 hour . For a better result, you can extend the rest times, up to a maximum of 12 hours.
  8. After this time, flour a work surface and, with a rolling pin, roll out the dough.
  9. When you get a long and very thin pastry (2mm thick), cut out the long edges with a slicer.
  10. Cut out the dough into many parallelograms of different sizes.
  11. Next, fill a saucepan with oil. Heat it, until it reaches 170 ° C, and begin to dip the pieces of dough into it.
  12. Immerse no more than 4 pieces at a time. Brown both sides of each and then drain.
  13. As they are ready, dry on a tray covered with absorbent paper. Finally, serve hot.

The variant of sweet Chisolini

This traditional recipe has also been adopted by other provinces. Originally from Cremona it is the most sugary variant. Sweet chisolini are made by mixing only 400 g of flour, 1 egg, 100 g of milk, 5 g of sugar and the grated rind of 1 lemon. The rest of the recipe remains unchanged: make a very thin sheet of dough to be cut into small pieces which you must then fry in abundant oil. Finally, decorate with icing sugar.


Fried chisolini are good to eat hot, together with your favorite cold cuts or cheese. You can, however, keep the raw dough. After letting it rest for a few hours at room temperature, freeze it . When you need it, let it defrost in the fridge and then keep it for a couple of hours at room temperature before working it.

Alternatively, follow the fried dumpling recipe.

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