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From Brigitte Bardot to Lady D: 2021-2022 trends inspired by the past

Autumn / winter look

The fashion trends launched by the icons of fashion, cinema and music never fade, not even in 2021.

Remember when watching a TV series, a music video or an interview with a singer or actress as a child we wanted to dress like them, perhaps asking our mother to buy us the very garment we had seen her wear? In reality it is not that today we no longer do it, but risking focusing too much on dream and event clothes, we forget that stars and VIPs dictate fashion trends even in their daily lives. There are looks chosen by style icons that are still evergreen today and, given that the retro look makes itself felt, let’s dive into the past and steal ideas with timeless looks that are still today.

Fall / winter 2021 fashion trends: Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot, sixty style

If the 70s continue to hold the flag of the hottest retro looks high in recent years, the 60s have begun to take back a revenge that, as Dior showed us at Paris Fashion Week, will last at least until next summer. In the meantime, we can anticipate the times in the trendiest way possible, drawing inspiration from two muses of fashion and cinema. Don’t you want to wear only trousers in winter? Long live the triptych of knitted dresses, socks and moccasins, letting ourselves be inspired by Twiggy , an iconic model of the 60s.

– From the straight shapes of Twiggy to the soft and sensual ones of Brigitte Bardot : from films to private shots, the French actress has always been a woman of great inspiration from the more jaunty looks to the classic French ones in jeans, blazers and striped t-shirts. And speaking of stripes, we can steal striped knit dresses from her , another consolidated trend this year: let’s dare with colors and their versatility, combining them with chunky boots for a more rock allure or with a pair of cuissardes boots for a sexier look.

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Only the Blazer: on men’s suits and more, as the style icons liked

From models with a masculine cut that are now depopulated in collections as a perfect alternative even to the autumn jacket, to feminine ones, today to say blazer is equivalent to turning an outfit that perhaps we did not know how to complete or that was missing something. Style icons have always known this, starting with Lady D to whom we can only copy one of her most iconic daily looks ever: long, straight-cut blazer, white t-shirt and jeans. Office destination and more.

– The strong point of the blazer is precisely the possibility of being able to wear it on any outfit, whether it be skirts or trousers, and being the perfect choice to give new life to suits . This year there is room for check patterns as Twiggy liked, or for plain-colored models like Bianca Jagger who wore above all the white ones, a very valid alternative to an evening dress.

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