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From face to hair: here’s how to use talcum powder

Talcum powder

The uses of talcum powder are many, from the face to the hair: this is why it is so useful for the well-being of the person.

Anyone, sooner or later, has found himself wondering what talcum powder is for. This white powder , present in many homes, is in fact used for different uses, some of which are not always known. Composed of talc and boric acid (substances that also give it its name), talcum powder has absorbent, whitening, anti-perspiration, antiseptic and soothing properties. The talcum powder can be used in various ways among which the main ones are: absorb moisture, perfume the skin, reduce skin irritation , offer a feeling of freshness, reduce redness, eliminate bad odors and relieve burning and itching. In addition to what has just been said, talcum powder can be used on the face and hair, offering different benefits .

Baby powder on the face: how to use it

What is the use of talcum powder on the face ? First of all to remove excess moisture, as it perfumes the skin and also helps to degrease it. It is also very useful in case of waxing in the mustache area (but it is also good in other parts of the body before depilation) because it protects the skin making it less painful.

How to use talcum powder on hair

The talcum powder on the hair is instead used to dry clean it when it is not possible to shampoo. This is because talcum is able to absorb excess sebum.

Talcum powder on the hair
Talcum powder on the hair

It can also be used to dab it on the parts of the hair that tend to grease more, in order to make them appear fresher and tidy and thus have a hair that looks more like that immediately after washing.

Is talcum powder good or bad?

In recent years the opinions regarding the use of talcum powder have been different and often in contradiction with each other. Indeed, the possibility has emerged that this product is actually carcinogenic. For this reason, since 2006 the International Agency for Research on Cancer has included it among the potentially carcinogenic powders for the body, especially if applied in the areas of the genitals.

For the rest, the opinions are still contradictory. If you want to get the effects with similar products, you can still use rice starch, corn starch and baking soda to wash your hair .

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