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It’s not just fault of ice creams and fries: unexpectedly, even some healthy foods make you gain weight. Let’s see together which products do that!

There’s not much we can do: fries, desserts, ice creams and other foods make us gain weight! However, there are also some healthy products that make us put on weight, and we didn’t see this coming.

For example, soy and wholewheat bread. Being able to know which foods have this side effect and avoid them is fundamental if we want to lose weight. Even if you want to gain weight you should pay attention to what you eat, because as you might know, eating too much is not useful!

Let’s see together which foods make us gain weight and let’s see which the best healthy products are!

Foods that make us quickly gain weight

If we want to keep fit, we need to keep under control a variety of factors. Let’s see what we need to avoid!

You might already know that one of the foods you should definitely avoid if you are on a diet is fries! The worst ones are those fast food restaurants make, because they are usually fried in low quality oil. However, they are not healthy even if you fry them at home, with olive oil. Of course, all the other fried foods are not healthy, too.

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In order to be healthy, say goodbye to soft drinks, such as Coke and orange soda, because they rise our blood glucose levels. What about meat? Does it make gain weight? Red meat (pork and bovine) is very fat and, if eaten too often, it adversely influences our weight and cholesterol levels.

You should also avoid all the animal origin and fat seasonings: for example butter or mayonnaise. Finally, you should eat with great moderation all refined grains (not-wholewheat rice, bread and pasta) and all sweets (desserts, ice creams, cakes, candies, etc.). Last, but not least: junk food! No more soft drinks, alcohol, bars, sweet snacks, and candies!

The unexpected foods that make you quickly gain weight

Among the most unexpected ones there are fruit juices, because they contain a lot of sugars and, very often, not that much fruit. Do not buy them: try and make them at home, without adding any sugar!

Wholewheat bread and pasta are often recommended to replace the ones made with white flour. However, often industrial products are not 100% wholewheat: they are made with all-purpose flour and a bran derivative, that rise blood glucose levels.

Be careful with soy: often, it is not organic and is genetically modified. Moreover, it contains estrogens, responsible of hormonal imbalances that make us gain weight.

What to eat to gain weight?

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There are people who need to gain weight and do not know what kind of foods to eat. In this case, you need to do so without spoiling your health. You already know it: the worst thing you can do is start eating food by just increasing quantities.

Instead, you should eat complex carbohydrates and not simple sugars (so it’s better to eat bread and pasta than sweets). Morever, unsaturated fat are better than satured ones (replace butter with extra-virgin olive oil).

In order to gain weight, you should eat a lot of proteins, such as legumes, eggs, cereals, fruits and vegetables, etc. Furthermore, it is recommended to eat white meat and fish at least two or three times a week. Remember that it is better to enjoy your food steamed, grilled or boiled!

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