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From herbal teas to detox water, how to use ginger to lose weight

Ginger root and powder

Ginger has fat burning properties and speeds up metabolism, promoting weight loss. Let’s see how to use it for weight loss.

You probably know ginger for its excellent flavor and for its uses in the kitchen, first of all the delicious Christmas gingerbread cookies. What you may not know is that ginger can be used for weight loss .

This plant, in fact, helps to accelerate the metabolism, to burn fat and therefore to lose weight. Obviously, consuming industrial quantities of ginger is not enough to get back in shape, on the contrary, excessive use can also have side effects. Let’s see, then, how to use it to lose weight.

The slimming properties of ginger

Ginger root and powder
Ginger root and powder

Ginger is a plant full of benefits. First of all, it contains gingerol , a substance that, in addition to giving it the typical slightly spicy flavor, helps to lose weight . In particular, gingerol increases body temperature, speeds up metabolism and helps burn fat.

Ginger is also an excellent digestive , it promotes the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, improving the assimilation of nutrients. In addition, it helps eliminate intestinal gas, deflates the belly and calms the sense of hunger .

How to use ginger for weight loss

Ginger for weight loss can be used in several ways. If you like its particular flavor, you can eat a few pieces of rhizome between meals, but avoiding candied and dried ginger, which contain added sugars, which certainly do not help you lose weight.

Alternatively, you can prepare a ginger and lemon herbal tea for weight loss, which combines the fat-burning properties of the first with the purifying ones of the second. Preparing it is very simple: boil a saucepan of low-mineral water, add a few pieces of fresh ginger and leave it to infuse for about ten minutes. Then add the lemon juice and, if you want to sweeten it, a teaspoon of honey. combines the characteristics of the two roots.

A very tasty ginger drink, more suitable for summer, is detox water . Put water and ginger in a jug (perfect for weight loss), leave to infuse in the refrigerator overnight and consume the drink over the next day. Finally, ginger can also be added to fruit and vegetable juices.

Daily dose: how much ginger to consume? G

Slimming herbal tea
Slimming herbal tea

Ginger can be consumed in different perhaps: not only in infusion, but also in powder or fresh. Which would you choose? In the case of fresh ginger, the recommended daily dose to take advantage of all its properties seems to be between 10 and 30 g . Much less for the powder version: it is advisable to consume about 4 grams of powdered ginger per day, this is because it is a more concentrated version, which can cause intestinal disorders in the most sensitive subjects.

Are there any contraindications? Is ginger good for weight loss?

As we said earlier, ginger has many properties that are perfect for those who want to lose weight, including the characteristic of being highly satiating. For this reason it is perfect for your diet , however you have to pay attention to the dosages. For the most sensitive subjects it could lead to gastrointestinal problems. It is also good to seek advice from the attending physician in case you take drugs such as anticoagulants (they could limit their effectiveness). Lastly, be careful not to be allergic. Allergy to ginger is quite rare but it is good not to take anything for granted, in case of discomfort, redness or discomfort after taking it, ask an expert for advice.

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