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From London and New York with love, new punk trends will explode in the summer of 2022

Punk look

Among the summer fashion trends, neo punk steals the show, following the desire for freedom and rewriting of one’s own style.

Summer 2022 written by fashion trends has all the flavor of an intense season, full of occasions, opportunities and holidays to be seized: sparkling, sensual, comfortable dress codes, in continuous balance between casual and elegance, which rediscover a style that he travels between past and present, looking forward to a post-pandemic future that wants to take back a present that is constantly in the balance. So among the returning trends, neo punk is making its way from the catwalks of London and New York , with its bold accessories and its determined and decisive appeal.

Fashion trends 2022: rebellious summer takes over the neo punk dress code

Why is neo punk back on the catwalks among the genres dusted off by fashion? The answer is first of all in the need of fashion to look at the present, interpret its trends, signals, as well as the desires, hopes and moods of those who experience it. Neo punk is an expression of rebellion , transgression , a need that returns every time a traditional scheme is broken to build a new and different vision: it therefore expresses the desire for change, what we all seek after having lived an experience that has marked us. and it still marks us deeply.

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In the summer of 2022 the hopes are to fully recover a life that still in this summer 2021 is spent in fits and starts, where leisure, fun, the desire to dance, have been contained. The sparkling dresses , the metal chains , the contrasts of colors , are a wardrobe that is reborn, that wants to revive, and what decorations if not the studs , the metal chains , eye-catching and eye-catching, can be the most suitable accessory to express this revolutionary spirit.

The neo punk looks spotted on the catwalk between London and New York

Colorful lettering and large print in plain sight on denim trousers, t ops and black leather T-shirts to wear with studded chokers embellished with chains, flying over the Maneskin-style fetish look, daring combinations suspended between sensuality and rebellion: the essentials to create a self-respecting punk style is in mixing iconic style accessories with casual garments.

Fur vests, mesh sweaters, colored and black lace-up combat boots were the protagonists of the London catwalks and. New York, interpreted in the style of Mark Fast, Toga, Coach and Monse, and of course also by Queen Vivienne Westwood .

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