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From running to football, the best sports to lose weight quickly

Train at home

From running to swimming, let’s see what are the best sports to lose weight quickly.

Playing sports is essential first of all to have a healthy body and then also to be able to lose weight. Obviously, it is not so important which sport you practice, but how you do it.

However, there are some activities that are undoubtedly better than others for weight loss. Let’s see how to lose weight quickly by choosing the right sport!

Which sport makes you lose weight fast

Train at home
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– Running and brisk walking. Running, but also walking at a brisk pace, burns many calories and is therefore useful for weight loss. Try to walk or run for at least 30 consecutive minutes every day, on the treadmill or outdoors if possible.

– Cycling. Cycling also burns a lot of calories (from 300 to 400 per hour). In addition, pedaling trains the calves, quadriceps and buttocks. Using the bicycle to go to work every day, instead of the car or moped, is a great start. Or if you are forced home, you can do an exercise bike.

– Aerobic gymnastics. Gymnastics is an excellent physical activity to lose weight at home, not surprisingly, in the 80s and 90s, aerobics classes on video were depopulated. If you get bored at home, or if you don’t know where to start, you can take a group course in the gym.

– I swim. Swimming is a real cure-all: it not only allows you to burn up to 11 calories per minute, but trains all the muscles of the body, from the shoulders to the legs. Swimming is the one for you if, in addition to looking for a sport to lose weight, you also want to fight back pain and other side effects of sedentary lifestyle.

– Football. Playing football is not only fun, it is also great for burning calories and training the leg and thigh muscles. Up to 500 calories can be burned during a soccer match. An excellent motivation for women to start enjoying this sport so loved by men!

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