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From tik tok comes the fashion for hyaluronic acid on hair: how it works and what you need to know

hair serum

The novelty of the hyaluronic acid-based serum for hair comes from Tik Tok. Here’s how it works and what’s true.

In the last period, thanks to the social network Tik Tok, the news has spread that the application of the serum based on hyaluronic acid, normally studied for the face, is a real marvel for the hair . A news spread by an American tiktoker who showed how her hair, thanks to the application of hyaluronic acid 2% + B5 by The Ordinary, has benefited health and beauty, making the hair appear less frizzy in a very short time.

A theory that has obviously intrigued everyone and that at the moment is leading more and more people to experiment on their hair. But what is the truth about it? Let’s take stock of the situation a bit to understand what’s true.

Serum based on hyaluronic acid on the hair: is it really good?

The question about hyaluronic acid as a hair friend is spreading more and more, leading more and more people to experiment and try to find a precise answer.

hair serum
hair serum

Ideally you should apply the serum in the evening and then notice the results in the morning. Results that according to many are visible from the next day or, at most, from the second application. But what is true in all this? According to experts, this product is already found in various hair products, albeit in very small quantities.

However, it is a rather heavy molecule and not always correctly absorbed by the hair. For this reason, to work as happened for the tiktoker it is necessary that it is present in the right proportions and only in quality products.

How to act to make the hair always perfect

So what to do to get perfect and clean hair ? In theory, hyaluronic acid serum is not contraindicated and in small quantities it can also help. In the long run, however, other substances designed for the face would also be applied to them and which, consequently, may be heavy or able to weigh down the hair.

The best option is therefore to use products with hyaluronic acid developed specifically for the hair. This way you will get the best out of it without risking damage in the long run.

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