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Fructose is a simple sugar, which people consider better than sucrose. But the truth is another…

Is fructose really better than sucrose, or is it bad too? There are many questions related to the use of this sweetener, and the information online are often inaccurate or incomplete, contributing to the spread misinformation. Therefore, we will try and clarify this topic. Here everything about the real risks of fructose on our health.

What is fructose and where is it located?

Fruit and honey are the most fructose rich foods. However, some vegetables, such as tomatoes and carrots, also contain it this sugar. As a sweetener, it is also used in the preparation of bakery products, since it is much sweeter than normal sugar.

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According to some clichés, the main difference between sucrose and fructose is that the latter is less harmful and more diet-friendly. But is it really so? Let’s first consider its main properties.

First of all, its sweetening power: it is true that this sugar is much sweeter than sucrose, but its properties degrade with the rise of temperature. This means that a teaspoon of fructose in coffee makes it sweeter than sucrose. However, in a cake (which you bake at very high temperatures) you will need a greater amount to get the same level of sweetness.

Fructose and diabetes

This sugar has a low glycemic index, especially when compared to sucrose and glucose. For this reason, it is often recommended in place of other sweeteners in the diets of people suffering from diabetes.

However, insulin is fundamental to reach a sense of satiety, that with fructose is felt after longer time. For this reason, we might use larger quantities in order to feel satisfied. In addition, this sweetener ends up in the liver, which turns it into glucose and triglycerides, responsible for many heart diseases.

Fructose related risks

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Therefore, is eating too much fruit bad? You do not have to jump to conclusions. An excess of fructose do hurt,  when we use to replace sucrose. However, in fruits other nutrients, especially fibers, mitigate it and help assimilating it better.

The classic 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day are healthy. However,  you should always pay attention to excess – especially since fructose act directly on the production of triglycerides.

However, people who suffer from certain diseases, suc as diabetes, liver dysfunction and kidney stones should pay more attention to fructose. No scaremongering then: fruit is still healthy, but only in a varied and balanced diet.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/siringa-insulina-insulina-diabete-1972843/ , https://pixabay.com/it/frutta-anguria-cuore-mirtilli-more-2367029/

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