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Fruit and vegetables in schools: the Italian food education project is here!

Fruit and vegetables in schools: the Italian food education project is here!

The Italian “Fruit and vegetables in schools” project is back to teach children and their families to eat in a healthy way!

Italian students are back in schools and so is the project “Fruit and vegetables in the schools.” Its purpose is educating children to follow a healthy diet and to encourage them to increase the amount of vegetables they eat.

Other than improving healthy eating habits, the aim of this project is to prevent food wasting. Over the past few years, this initiative has involved more than a million of pupils, and the results were amazing. The research confirmed that children and their families increased the amount of fruit and vegetables they ate.

Evrything about “Fruit and vegetables in schools” 2018!

Among the various purposes of the campaign, there is preventing childhood obesity, which is spreading more and more in recent years, both in Italy and in Europe. The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, together with the European Union. It involves primary school students, for children from 6 to 11 years old.

Frutta e verdura nelle scuole
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The initiative also addresses teachers, who need to teach food education to families. The latter may continue this work at home, increasing their consumption of healthy foods and encouraging children to do physical activity.

The projects develops many activities, games and food awareness. For example, there are Fruit days or visits to farms and agricultural businesses. The aim is making children understand where food comes from. Moreover, students can play and experience foods in a fun way and with a different approach.

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