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Full-flavored holidays with typical Salento products


The pandemic has blocked travel and holidays for a long time, but a recovery is expected for summer 2021 and many Italians are already booking also because they need to relax after a long period of restrictions and worries.

The sea of ​​Salento and its festivals with the sale of typical products of Salento

Where will Italians go on vacation? The favorite destinations remain the Italian ones, in particular Southern Italy, from the first bookings Salento confirms itself as a very popular destination thanks to the mix of sun, sea, culture and popular tradition which, with the sale of typical Salento products online, attracts people from all over the world.

The Salento peninsula is defined as the heel of Italy and consists of the provinces of Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto, the first two overlook the Adriatic Sea, while the third on the Ionian Sea, among the most popular places are Gallipoli, Porto San Cesareo, in the province of Lecce, which boasts wonderful beaches, such as Punta Prosciutto and Torre Lapillo beach, and a crystal clear sea.

This area for its beauty, with beaches with very thin sand and shallow waters, perfect also for children, who immerse themselves in an intense blue sea, are also called the Caribbean of Salento. Here the sea is also perfect for snorkelers and on the windiest days it is possible to kitesurfing, of course you can have all the typical benefits of the sea and the sun, important for the production of vitamin D, essential for fixing calcium to the bones. .

Holidays in Salento are not only sea and beach, in fact there are also many other attractions, such as the monuments to visit and many events that take place especially in the evening hours, among these the festivals of the typical products of Salento cannot be forgotten.


Art and culture in Salento

Salento also reserves a lot of art for its visitors, this is due to the fact that it has been a crossroads of many cultures, in particular the Greek one, and therefore every civilization has left its indelible traces on the territory. Among the monuments, the Fountain of Harmony in Lecce is worth a visit, also known as the Fountain of the Lovers, and built in 1927 by Antonio Mazzotta with stone from Trani , it represents reeds through which the water gushes out and then falls back into the basin placed at the foot, at the end of the canes there are two bronze sculptures that reproduce a naked man and woman.

In Nardò, in the province of Lecce, you can instead admire the Tempietto dell’Osanna, the monument is made of Lecce stone and dates back to the sixteenth century, these are of course not the only works of art, the Cathedral of Lecce is also worth a stop .

Those who decide to stop in the province of Lecce to visit the monuments cannot forget to taste the typical products of Salento , including the pasticciotto from Lecce: a pastry based on shortcrust pastry filled with cream and black cherry jam.

Where to stay for a holiday in Salento

Of course, Salento also offers many opportunities for those who decide to stay, you can choose hotels or rent one of the many apartments dedicated to tourists, but the advice is to take advantage of the hospitality of family-run accommodation facilities, such as B&B.

The hospitality of the Apulians is in fact known and here you can taste the typical cuisine of the place made with traditional ingredients, for example, extensive use is made of what is considered one of the best known typical products: the gold of Salento , that is the ‘extra virgin olive oil which has important nutritional properties for the body to the point of being also considered an anticancer.

With this ingredient many typical dishes are prepared: from first courses, to second courses, up to desserts. In short, those who choose holidays in Puglia and in particular in Salento can have a pleasant experience at 360 ° and enter a world made of ancient flavors and traditions, culture and fun.

All that remains is to book your holidays in Salento and in the meantime start tasting the many specialties of this wonderful area of ​​Italy with the online sale of typical products of Salento : /

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