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Gallstones: what are the recommended foods and which ones to avoid?

Diet for gallstones

If you suffer from gallstones, you should be careful with your diet. Let’s find out which foods you can eat and which ones you should eliminate from your diet.

Gallstones are pebbles that form inside the gallbladder (also called the gallbladder), an organ located under the liver. The name derives from bile, a substance rich in cholesterol which is stored in the gallbladder and which, when solidifying, gives life to the stones. If these formations obstruct the bile ducts, preventing the outflow of bile, they can cause very painful symptoms that are commonly identified with the name of biliary colic. Abdominal and back pain , nausea and vomiting are signs to watch out for. Why is it important to take care of nutrition, to avoid gallstones?

Gallstones and diet

Although the causes of gallbladder stones have not yet been fully understood, researchers have highlighted that nutrition plays an important role. Several studies have correlated overweight and obesity with an increased risk of suffering from gallstones.

The same is valid for those who follow a diet rich in fats and cholesterol , substances that prevent the correct emptying of the gallbladder and promote the formation of stones. Finally, a risk factor is diabetes : sufferers are more likely to have biliary colic .

What to eat to prevent gallstones

Diet for gallstones
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We have seen the reasons why it is essential to monitor nutrition to prevent stone formation. Now let’s find out which foods are recommended and which ones to avoid. In addition to drinking a lot of water , which is necessary for the proper functioning of the intestine and the gallbladder, one must consume meals rich in fiber and calcium .

So green light for fruit and vegetables , whole grains, semi-skimmed milk and cheeses (no more than a couple of times a week). Furthermore, you should not completely eliminate fats, because they help to make the gallbladder contract properly to allow it to empty. If eaten in moderation, lean meat and defatted cold cuts are also good.

Diet for the inflamed gallbladder

If you suffer from gallstones, you should be careful to reduce or eliminate certain foods altogether. For example, whole milk and full-fat cheeses, eggs , sausages and dried fruit should be limited: they are too high in fat. Sweets and sauces are also to be avoided, as well as alcohol – it unnecessarily strains the liver, and consequently the gallbladder.

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