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Ganoderma lucidum: a natural ally against cancer and diabetes

Ganoderma Lucidum

Also known by the name of reishi, Ganoderma lucidum is undoubtedly a mushroom rich in beneficial properties. In particular, it would be able to fight cancer and lower blood sugar.

Ganoderma lucidum is a parasitic mushroom that grows on trees, especially oak and chestnut trees. Also known by the Japanese name of reishi, this parasite originating in Asia is famous for its versatility in the medical field.

Ganoderma enjoys various beneficial properties, which have been exploited since ancient times by doctors of the Chinese and Japanese tradition. However, nowadays it is kept under observation mainly for two of its beneficial qualities: let’s find out.

Ganoderma, a valuable ally against cancer

Among the most important properties of Ganoderma , we undoubtedly find its ability to fight tumor diseases . In fact, as confirmed by several scientific studies, this mushroom can be used in the fight against cancer, in particular against breast or skin cancer .

Ganoderma Lucidum
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Why does it work? Because of the organic molecules contained within it. Let’s talk about flavonoids, polyphenols and carbohydrates. These substances would be able to act against the inflammations responsible for the pathology and would therefore be usable in therapy.

A natural hypoglycemic agent

The second effect of Ganoderma that we are going to see today is the hypoglycemic one. As evidenced by studies conducted by two scientists from Hong Kong Polytechnic University , Iris FF Benzie and Sissi Wachtel-Galor, this mushroom has shown such effects on animals , especially on mice that have been diagnosed with diabetes.

This test, carried out in 1985, led to a further experiment. The latter, conducted on humans suffering from diabetes, confirmed the hypoglycaemic effects of the fungus.

Being able to control your blood sugar is definitely a factor that can make a difference. In these cases, in addition to reishi, it is possible to resort to burdock .

How to use Ganoderma

Before using this mushroom, it is necessary to remember that Ganoderma is not edible . In order to take it, you need to dry it and treat it properly.

The dried reishi powder is easily purchased on the market and can be used in the production of herbal teas, through which you can benefit from the beneficial properties of the mushroom. However, it should be borne in mind that in some individuals, depending on their health, it may have side effects. Consequently, it is good to ask your doctor for advice before using it.

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