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Gender-neutral beauty products both women and men can use

Gender-neutral beauty products both women and men can use

The beauty trend that is winning men and women over: no-gender beauty products are more and more fashionable. That’s why!

So far, make-up and beauty products have always been considered female goods. Despite this you can also find many products for men, starting from face masks to male make-up (for example, the Chanel line). For some time now, it seems there is no distinction in the beauty world: gender-neutral beauty products are all the rage. We could simply define them as “unisex” goods. These products can be used by both women and men, who can avoid pretending to “steal” their partner’s face cream.

Gender-neutral products for men and women

The beauty world is undergoing an undeniable change. The new trend of gender-neutral products is already a step ahead from the usual beauty stereotypes. For example, beauty advertising always focuses only on women’s faces, body care, and make-up, but this must come to an end.

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Beauty products can not be only for women, because men need to use them too. Chanel, with its new make-up line “Boy”, is already spreading the message these brands and companies want to convey to the modern society. That is, men wear make-up and take care of their skin and their body. We can easily prove it just visiting social media. Instagram and Youtube are the main channels where it is possible to track down the so-called “beauty boy“, who love everything concerning the “beauty” world.

Just like female beauty bloggers, they talk about body products, share their opinions and, sometimes, they also create make-up video tutorials.

Maybe the beauty world will manage to send the right message about gender equality.

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