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Gentle gymnastics, what it is and how it promotes the well-being of the body

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Gentle gymnastics is a discipline suitable for everyone, including sportsmen, and which offers many benefits. Let’s find out what it is and some examples of exercises.

Gentle gymnastics is very often associated with the idea of ​​old age or orthopedic pathologies, but there is no more mistaken belief. This discipline is actually more oriented than others to the well-being of the body and is able to adapt to the training needs of athletes.

Gentle gymnastics is a practice characterized by slow and gradual movements, performed mostly in free body and without special efforts or the use of tools. For this reason it can also be practiced by those who lead a sedentary life, or maybe work a lot of time on the computer. So let’s try to understand how it works and what benefits sweet gymnastics offers.

Gentle gymnastics: what it is and how it works

Gentle gymnastics is a discipline that combines different exercises that allow you to mobilize the whole body. This is why it is perfect both for sportsmen and for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, this discipline is characterized by the execution of slow and progressive movements, without strong contractions or jerks of power.

Nonetheless it is a very effective discipline which, due to the particularity of the exercises, allows you to lose weight, improve posture, tone muscles and recover psychophysical balance. This last aspect is due to the degree of concentration and the substances released by the body during the execution of the exercises.


In any case, the planned movements are gradual, targeted and have the aim of training the body for sport. In fact, stretches and stretches are performed that affect the flexibility of muscles and joints.

Gentle gymnastics: strengths and benefits

When it comes to gentle gymnastics, one cannot help but think of the many benefits it offers, both physically and psychologically . First of all we can say that it is a useful discipline for:

-tonify the whole body
– increase flexibility
– correct posture
– benefits to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems

In any case, the exercises of gentle gymnastics promote relaxation and indicate the feeling of the mind emptying. In addition, this discipline is very versatile and can be more or less demanding according to the exercises that are performed, but it is also possible to focus on some specific parts of the body, such as distension of the spine.

Finally, it must be said that gentle gymnastics is not limited only to the gym environment. In fact, after having understood the exercises and their execution, it will be possible to practice them at home , always paying close attention.

Risks and contraindications of gentle gymnastics

Like any other sporting practice, including pilates and jogging, gentle gymnastics also has contraindications. In fact, given the type of static and free body exercises , it is not a suitable workout for those who want to act quickly on their physical shape, as it takes time to get results.

In any case, even if it is a light activity, it is always better to consult an expert before starting the path. It is also necessary to remember to always keep your instructor updated, especially if cardio-circulatory or postural problems arise.

Gentle gymnastics: some examples of exercises

As we have said, since gentle gymnastics is suitable for different training systems, there are many exercises that can be practiced. To give some examples, we can find the classic abs, whether you are at home or in a park in front of a bench. Place your hands on the edge and bring your body forward to form a 45 ° angle . Push up with your hands until you feel your abs working. Hold the position for 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat the movement 5 times, doing 3 series with a one minute break between each.

There are also many gentle gymnastic exercises for the arms and legs , such as raising the left knee until the thigh is parallel to the floor. At the same time raise your right arm extending it upwards. Then relax bringing the left leg and right arm to the starting position, then repeat the movement alternating the limbs for 10 movements. Pause for a minute and repeat the series.

Finally we come to the gentle gymnastics exercises for the back . Sit in a chair, with your palms to the side of your buttocks. Push down with your hands until you feel your back muscles working. Repeat the exercise five times, pause for one minute and repeat the exercise five more times.

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