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Geranium essential oil: an essence to combat cellulite


Geranium essential oil has numerous beneficial properties and is an excellent ally against skin diseases and cellulite. Let’s find out.

Pelargonium, known to most as geranium, is often used in homes for purely decorative purposes . It is a floral plant native to southern Africa and imported into Europe by the Dutch.

However, in addition to possessing flowers with a bright color, this plant can also be used to obtain the homonymous essential oil. Geranium essence has numerous beneficial effects , in particular it is used to treat disorders and alterations of the skin tissue. Let’s find out the properties of geranium essential oil and how to best use it.

Geranium essential oil, the properties

Essential oil
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The properties of geranium essential oil are innumerable. The most important are certainly those that interact with the skin. In fact, this essence, in addition to being an excellent toning , helps to reactivate blood circulation . These two effects, combined, are valuable for fighting cellulite and other skin conditions, in particular dermatitis .

Among other qualities, we mention the anti-inflammatory one. Geranium essential oil is excellent for fighting inflammation of the oral cavity , whether it be sore throat, pain in the gums or pharyngitis. To get rid of these ailments, simply rinse the oral cavity, obviously using water with the essence diluted inside.

The effects, to which we can add the pain reliever – only in the case of spasms – and healing , do not just affect humans. In fact, it can be used as an insect repellent , whether it is a closed environment or a person. In the first case, just spread the essence into the environment, in the second, spread it on the skin after having appropriately diluted it.

You use it

The use we will make of geranium essential oil will depend on the result we aim to achieve. If we are fighting against a pathology of the skin or against cellulite , or if you are trying to obtain its pain-relieving and healing effects, the ideal would be to use it as a massage oil . To do this, dilute two or three drops in a spoonful of vegetable oil.

To combat inflammation of the oral cavity , rinse or gargle with geranium essential oil diluted in water . The doses? Five drops of essence in a glass.

It should also not be forgotten that although this essence does not present serious side effects, its inadequate use could prove harmful : always seek advice from an expert .

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