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Get Livia: the hi-tech device that helps relieving menstrual pains!

Get Livia: the hi-tech device that helps relieving menstrual pains!

Livia is a technological device that is able to relieve menstrual pains, helping us feeling better during our periods!

In order to help women feeling better the days before and during the menstrual cycle, here comes Livia. It is a hi-tech medical device that through electrostimulation relieves belly cramps immediately.

This device not only relieves abdominal cramps, but it is also useful to fight headaches, hormonal changes, joint pains and nausea. In less severe cases, it is possible to alleviate these disorders by exercising, following a healthy diet and a resting. Let’s find out how Livia works!

Livia: your period won’t be painful anymore with this device!

Electrostimulation is a good way to relieve menstrual pains: this is on what this new device is based. This idea comes from the “Gate-Control Theory”, that is producing low frequency electrical impulses for these types of pain.

The device works through two electrodes that must be placed on the peripheral nerves. The electrodes send light, continuous shocks which keep your nerves busy, so as they do not send the brain pain signals. In this way, it is possible to experience a feeling of relief.

How to use Livia? You need to attach it to the waistband of your pants with a clip, so you can place the two electrodes on your belly or on the lower part of your back, where you feel pain the most. Finally, you need to turn on the device and decide the shock intensity. You will be able to go on with your day with no pains!

Livia has no side effects and it is not addictive. Many people are wondering: how much does it cost? The complete kit costs about 150 euro and includes the device, two electrodes, the gel to stick them on and the USB cable to charge it.

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