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Get the new marijuana tampons to relieve menstrual pains and cramps!

Get the new marijuana tampons to relieve menstrual pains and cramps!

Marijuana tampons relieve period cramps and pains. It is having great success!

Marijuana tampons are painkillers with no narcotic effects, designed by the American company Foria. Many women have already tried them. They are enthustiastic about the benefits these tampons bring!

Everything you need to know about the new marijuana tampons!

Foria is an American startup company developing marijuana women products . Their new tampon is called Relief. Doctors and Harvard professors studied it and confirmed its benefits.

The weed tampon is still in study phase, but many women have already tested it. 400 more women will use it to find out more about its benefits against menstrual pains. This product contains both CBD and THC cannabinoids, but it has no narcotic effects. CBD oil is definitely a trending ingredient, also applied in beauty and cosmetics. On Abiby for example, you can buy Hemp Care products, specific for body hydratation or showering.

Tampax alla Marijuana

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In the past, people used marijuana to cure different diseases, such as muscular dystrophy or pancreatic cancer. When you insert this tampon into the vagina, it releases marijuana and relieves pain. In this way, women can benefit from it and use it as a pain killer.

The company website says: “This product has been carefully developed to maximize the relaxation of the muscles and enhance the pain-relieving properties of cannabis, without experiencing its psychotropic effects”. We can only wait for this miraculous product to find out if it is really effective.

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