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Ginger essential oil: a concentrate with a thousand benefits

Ginger essential oil

Ginger essential oil is a panacea for the body with multiple healing and beneficial properties: here are uses and benefits!

Ginger essential oil is a real panacea for the body. Rich in healing properties and intense aroma, this magical product manages to placate severe headaches, colds and digestive problems. Being very concentrated, a few drops of product are enough to be able to immediately benefit from its marvelous properties.

Here’s how to use ginger essential oil to bring immediate well-being to the body and mind!

Ginger essential oil: properties and infusions

Ginger essential oil is a powerful digestive and detoxifier . It can be used for the preparation of herbal teas and decoctions to help digestive processes. Its flavor is strong and spicy and for this reason very little is used. After a big meal, if you have overdone it with fats and carbohydrates you can immediately feel better with a few drops of ginger essential oil.

Ginger essential oil
Ginger essential oil

To prepare a simple infusion of ginger oil, simply boil water for 4 minutes and pour the juice of half a cold lemon . Turn off the gas immediately and add the drops of ginger oil . When you start drinking herbal tea you will initially feel a burning sensation: this means that it is having an effect. Your body will work better and all toxins and slags will be eliminated naturally.

To make the infusion even more effective , you can try adding turmeric to the ginger oil. Turmeric is a root that contributes to the proper functioning of the liver and stomach and can be added in powder form when the water is about to boil. Then leave to infuse for at least ten minutes and when it is ready, filter it and add the ginger oil.

Ginger essential oil for massages

For massages, simply dilute a few drops of ginger essential oil with almond or shea oil and massage directly onto damp skin. Useful in case of muscle pain and circulation problems, thanks to its draining properties it is suitable for anti-cellulite massages, as it stimulates circulation right away. Furthermore, after an intense workout in the gym, it helps the absorption of lactic acid.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it can be used for a soothing massage in case of severe back pain, neck pain or after tearing or sprains. If used together with almond oil it can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and therefore have a greater effect.

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