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Gingivitis: how to treat teeth and gums in a natural way


Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums, which can put your teeth at risk. Let’s see how to prevent it and how to cure it, also using natural remedies.

Gingivitis is a very common and annoying inflammation of the gums , but also very simple to cure if you rely on the dentist before the situation deteriorates. If neglected, inflammation can cause periodontitis , an inflammation of the periodontium, the tissue that holds the tooth firmly. This in turn could cause the teeth to weaken and fall out.

To prevent this from happening, you should therefore go to the dentist to treat the inflamed gums. It is also important to take great care of oral hygiene and resort to natural remedies to reduce inflammation.

Gingivitis: symptoms and pain


The main symptoms of gingivitis are redness and swelling of the gums . When the inflammation worsens, the gums can retract, leaving the roots of the teeth exposed and exposed to the attack of plaque and bacteria. Inflammation can be very painful and can also cause bleeding gums.

Gingivitis: causes

The main cause of inflammation of the gums is insufficient or badly done oral hygiene . You should never use brushes with too hard bristles, which could scratch the gums and damage the enamel. As for toothpaste, gel formulas are preferable to paste ones, usually more abrasive.

It is also important to choose quality products that are free of harmful substances. Teeth should be brushed three times a day , after main meals, and you should never forget to use dental floss.

Gingivitis: cure

To treat gingivitis, you obviously need to go to a dentist. Anti-inflammatory and disinfectant mouthwashes are usually prescribed, while antibiotics are needed only in the case of serious infections. In addition, it is important to regularly do a professional tooth cleaning to eliminate the accumulated plaque.

Gingivitis: natural remedies

An excellent natural remedy for gingivitis is rinsing with tea tree oil , a powerful anti-inflammatory. To do this, you need to dilute three or four drops of essential oil in a glass of water. Obviously, care must be taken not to ingest it!

To prevent inflammation of the gums, then, it can be useful to regularly resort to oil pulling , or rinses with pure oil, preferably coconut or olive oil.

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