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Glamor, elegant, seductive: velvet is to be rediscovered in the 2021 Holidays

Velvet dress

Sparkling and luminous: this is how the perfect dress to wear in the Holidays 2021 must be, letting yourself be enchanted by the elegance of velvet.

The diktat of the year and what is to come is always time to shine , but let’s not stop at glitter and sequins, because you can also shine by rediscovering one of the most iconic fabrics of winter and that in the magical period of Christmas and Party becomes even more fascinating. Velvet is back, and among dresses to show off for the most magical evenings, from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve, but also jumpsuits, skirts or trousers, the possibilities to customize your bright velvet outfit are truly manifold.

Velvet dresses: red or black, the Chiara Ferragni and Zara models for the 2021 Holidays outfit

Let’s put aside the corduroy, to be reserved for daily looks and focus on the smooth, luminous and shiny one, which more than ever expresses all the desire that there is to live moments with the family and to wear a special look that fully interprets the perfumes, magic and the warmth that reigns during the holidays. Among the nuances, it is the basics that have always expressed all the golden glam that has always characterized velvet, dominating the scene among which black stands out, perfect for the New Year.

– This year’s trend is to choose a velvet dress that is embellished with buttons or rhinestone or jewel applications, such as the model proposed by Chiara Ferragni brand, which we find in the black version worn by Chiara or even in the red version, perfect for Christmas. It is in fact a very elegant and soft single shoulder mini dress, to be combined with a pair of cuissardes for a glam rock look , with a pair of pumps to enhance the sexy cut of the dress.

– A model similar to sheath dress , we find it in the new Zara collection, with two side openings on the hips embellished with jewelry elements: to wear on New Year’s Eve, but versatile enough to be able to show off for the whole winter even for more casual occasions combined with a pair of combat boots and a maxi cardigan. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something really special to end the year in style, the velvet and sequin-covered dress by Zara is for those who want to dare big with the totally shine effect: a red model so sparkling to reserve for the last day of the year.

Not just clothes: outfits in blue and green, the most glamorous velvet shades

However, if you want a look that can be customized and goes beyond the classic suit, just go hunting for velvet garments such as skirts, trousers, blazers, but also crop tops or sweaters. The same goes for the nuances: do not underestimate the elegance of green, which can be admired in all its brightness in the oversized Zara blazer , to be combined with a garment of your choice, such as imitation leather trousers. A decidedly bold but sophisticated look .

Green velvet Zara blazer
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Blue velvet also deserves attention: very delicate, refined, whether it is a long skirt or a mini , we can combine it with a cropped top in black velvet or for those looking for something simple, with a white turtleneck to recall with a pair of white amphibians, for a look with ice tones .

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