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Glasses: how to clean them with natural products

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Eyeglasses are an object that belongs to the everyday life of many. Let’s find out how to clean them with natural products.

Those who wear prescription glasses know well how it is necessary to often take care of their cleaning : an indispensable aspect both for taking care of the hygiene of their eyes and for having a vision that is always perfect and free of unpleasant halos. Fortunately, keeping lenses and frames clean is not that difficult and can also be done with the help of natural and cheap products. So let’s discover the simplest ways to keep your glasses clean.

Glasses: how to clean them correctly

When it comes to glasses, you always have to think about both the lenses and the frame. It is indeed important to take care of both and do it quite often.

As for the lenses, they can be easily cleaned with baking soda . In fact, it is enough to dilute a teaspoon in half a glass of water, mix well and clean the windows with the help of a soaked microfibre cloth. In this way the lenses will be shiny and shiny again.

In the same way you can also use lemon juice , always diluting it in a little water and passing it on the lenses. As for the frame, however, Marseille soap is delicate enough to allow a thorough and natural washing. If the frame is to be polished, however, you can opt for almond oil.

Glasses: how to remove scratches

Sometimes, though, the problem with glasses isn’t so much dirt as scratches on the lenses. Given that the best thing would be to have them seen by an optician, while waiting you can try to make them less evident.

After cleaning the lenses with bicarbonate or lemon juice, you can pass some toothpaste with the help of a swab. Once rinsed, scratches will be less visible.

If desired, bicarbonate can also be useful but only if you have scratch-resistant lenses. Passing a water-based and bicarbonate-based mixture on the marks, useful for personal and household cleaning , will in fact reduce the marks . The important thing is that the dough is smooth. Otherwise it could end up scratching the lenses.

In this way you will be able to count on glasses that are always neat and clean and through which you can always look at things clearly and clearly.

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