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Gluten-free bread with the Thermomix? Mission possible!

Thermomix gluten-free bread

Our gluten-free bread recipe with the Thermomix is ​​really simple to prepare. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside it’s really delicious!

Preparing a gluten-free bread might seem like a daunting task. After all, we all know how important gluten is in obtaining light and honeycomb doughs . Yet, the gluten-free bread with the Thermomix has all the characteristics of traditional bread with the only difference that thanks to our recipe you can obtain a bread for celiacs with the Thermomix crispy outside and soft inside in very few steps .

To obtain a good gluten-free bread dough with the Thermomix we recommend using a ready-made mix of gluten-free flours designed for baking. There are really a lot of brands and you can use your favorite. You will thus have a comfortable gluten-free bread that does not require DIY mixes that may not behave adequately.

Thermomix gluten-free bread
Thermomix gluten-free bread

How to make gluten-free bread with the Thermomix

  1. First, heat the water with the yeast at 37 ° C speed. 3 for 3 minutes .
  2. Add the flour and the oil and knead for 1 min. speed Ear .
  3. Stir in the salt and finish kneading for 5 min. speed Ear .
  4. Let the gluten-free flour bread dough rise with the Thermomix for 4 hours or until doubled.
  5. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and sprinkle it with very fine rice flour .
  6. Transfer the leavened dough giving it the shape you prefer between loaf and ciabatta .
  7. Also sprinkle the surface with rice flour , make incisions and cook at 200 ° C for an hour.
  8. Once ready, let it cool before proceeding with the cut.

This is a perfect recipe if you are looking for a way to prepare homemade gluten-free bread with the Thermomix. As you have seen, there are no difficulties and thanks to the robot you will have an easy recipe to draw out even in emergency situations. If you don’t have a Thermomix, you can still prepare gluten-free bread following our recipe.

You can prepare gluten-free bread with the Thermomix with dry yeast. The doses of the ingredients do not change except that of the yeast: 12 grams of fresh yeast correspond to 6 grams of dry yeast . Add it to the water in the jug in the first step and then continue as per the recipe.


Just like regular bread, gluten-free bread can also be stored for a couple of days in a bag . Alternatively, you can freeze it cut into slices so that you always have some available.

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