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Gluten-free diet and quality of life: how to live with celiac disease?

Gluten-free diet and quality of life: how to live with celiac disease?

Is it possible to follow a gluten-free diet and have a good quality of life? How do people with celiac disease live?

The gluten-free diet, followed strictly for one’s whole life, is the only possible way to live with celiac disease. The elimination of gluten calms the symptoms and allows the recovery of a correct state of health.

How much does celiac disease influence one’s quality of life? Let’s find out together what patients think according to their personal experience, and what medical experts said.

Gluten-free diet: benefits and difficulties in the every day life!

Dr. Luca Elli is the head of the Center for the Prevention and Diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. He stated that people following this type of diet improve the quality of their health.

However, in some patients, the disease activates a mechanisms of “hyper-vigilance“, which leads to chronic anxiety and fatigue. People with celiac disease should learn what foods and what drinks to avoid and how to live in a new food world.

Photo source:, professional conducted a study on young people suffering from this disease. The research evaluated the link between the strictness of the diet, how strictly patients followed it and the impact on the quality of their life. The results showed that just the latter was compromised. Young people explained that it is difficult to do normal things like having dinner at a restaurant, travelling or eating at a friend’s house.

This becomes a source of anxiety and fear: outside their homes, it can be difficult to control possible health risks. The doctor said: “The psychological aspect can not be underestimated. It is essential to promote strategies of food education to maximize as much as possible the quality of life of adolescents and young adults with celiac disorder or gluten-related disease”.

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