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God’s diet will make you lose weight quickly!

God's diet will make you lose weight quickly!

God’s diet will let you quickly eliminate the extra weight accumulated during the holidays!

God’s diet is a new, rather hard food regime. As we can guess from its name, it is inspired by the Bible and plans to avoid for at least 21 days any type of manufactured food. In other words, it is a vegetarian diet, but for those who do not want to completely give up certain foods, there is a softer version.

This program, with its new and rather creepy name, plans you to make sacrifices. However, we know that anyone who wants to look beautiful and in shape has to suffer a bit. Let’s better find out how this diet works.

God’s diet: the weekly menu of the new food regime!

At this point, many of you are asking: how does this diet work? First of all, it is essential to eliminate all drinks that contain alcohol and caffeine. Therefore, be ready to say goodbye to coffee, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks.

In second place, we must give up also on meat, fish, dairy products, sugar, industrial food, bread, and finally to the leaven products. We warned you that this regime is very hard! However, this is needed to detoxify your body for 21 days. After this period, you can slowly start to reintroduce te forbidden foods.

God's diet will make you lose weight quickly!

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What you can eat while following this diet? Legumes, large amounts of fruit and vegetables and at least a liter and a half of water per day. Furthermore, you can drink herbal teas, and nobody forbids you to fast.

It is a vegan diet, but for those who can’t bear the idea, it can become vegetarian. The softer version of the God’s diet, instead, takes 40 days, just like the Flood period. While following this food plan, you eat 70% of vegetal foods and 30% of whole grains or lean proteins.

What are the benefits of the God’s diet?

This food regime allows to detoxify your body from the holidays binges and to clean up some organs, for example the liver. It also allows you to quickly lose weight, but you need to continue with the a stabilization phase.

We recommend that you also workout regularly, so you have to make less sacrifices while eating. Even just a walk in the open air for at least half an hour per day is good.

This diet also deflates your belly, thanks to the absence of carbohydrates, thus improving your silhouette. Before deciding to go on this food plan, ask your nutritionist or your doctor, in order not to cause health problems.

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