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Gomasio: what is it for and the recipe to prepare this Asian product


Here is everything you need to know about gomasio: what it is used for, the properties and the recipe to obtain this condiment, which comes from Asia.

Our journey to discover culinary products from all over the world continues and, today, stops on the Asian continent. The attention is all concentrated on the gomasio. This term indicates a product made up of whole sea salt and toasted and pounded sesame seeds. Its origins are located in Japan , where – since ancient times – it has been used in the kitchen as a condiment . Furthermore, this product is characterized by many beneficial properties and it is this detail that justifies the success it is having all over the world. As if that weren’t enough, it’s also very easy to prepare !

What is gomasio used for

The main function of this Japanese product can be reduced to a simple definition: it is nothing more than a valid substitute for refined salt . Valid because, unlike its rival, it contains greater benefits for the body and is lighter. Gomasio, as already specified, comes from the union of integral sea salt and sesame seeds, which also contain sodium . For this reason, the product is used in the kitchen as a flavor enhancer .

In Asia, it is used to flavor a wide variety of dishes, such as salads, meat, bread, rice, vegetables. In particular, it goes very well with cereals , enhancing their flavor. The main feature lies in the method of use: this product must be used raw on dishes, in order to savor its taste. In this way, it is also easy to reap all its benefits.

Gomasio: beneficial properties of this condiment

At this point we need to understand what are the real advantages of this product. In it, whole sea salt contains a large amount of iodine . A high value which, on the other hand, is not contained in refined salt. Iodine is great for the body because it stimulates endocrine activity and metabolism. This particular salt also contains many useful minerals , as well as in sesame seeds.

In the seeds there is a high content of calcium and other minerals: including magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium. They are also a source of vitamins , such as those of group B, and unsaturated fatty acids, such as Omega 3 . Among the properties of gomasio there are also vitamin A and proteins. All this makes it a useful product to combat tiredness and mental fatigue, strengthen the immune system and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Gomasio recipe


Preparing gomasio at home is very simple. To do this, you only need its two main ingredients, namely whole sea salt and sesame seeds. In a few minutes, their union will give life to this particular product, which you can use raw to flavor many dishes.


  • 1 tablespoon of whole sea salt
  • 10 tablespoons of sesame seeds
  1. First, wash the sesame seeds and dry them carefully.
  2. Put them in a large pan and toast them on the stove for 10 minutes . Stir often with a spoon.
  3. After a few minutes, pour in the salt.
  4. When cooked, put everything in a mortar and pound . Once done, put in a glass jar.

Keep the gomasio, in a tightly closed container, in a cool place and for a maximum of 15 days . Use it to dress a variety of dishes, such as a tasty Japanese salad .

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