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Good fried zucchini rolls with tomato and Greek yogurt

Fried zucchini rolls

You would never say no to good fried zucchini rolls! The recipe with fresh tomato and Greek yogurt is just a click away.

The courgettes are delicious just seared in a pan, with a drizzle of good oil and a few fresh mint leaves. But to make this vegetable even more delicious without losing its freshness, why not try some fried zucchini rolls. Frying certainly does not maintain the lightness of the food , you will say, but combined with fresh tomatoes and a spoonful of Greek yogurt it might surprise you.

Ready to make the dish in a few minutes ? So let’s go cook!

Fried zucchini rolls
Fried zucchini rolls

Preparation of fried zucchini rolls

  1. Start by washing the courgettes well and removing the ends.
  2. Take a special mandolin and cut the vegetables into thin slices that you will have to lightly salt and leave to drain for a few minutes in a dish.
  3. Now break and beat two eggs with a pinch of salt and prepare two dishes: in one put the beaten eggs and in the other some flour .
  4. Pass the zucchini in the egg and then bread them in flour one at a time until finished.
  5. Heat a finger of seed oil in a pan and fry all the courgettes by inserting them a little at a time in the pan.
  6. When they are golden on both sides, place them on a piece of absorbent kitchen paper and let them cool.
  7. Finely chop the thyme with a knife and mix it with the Greek yogurt.
  8. Wash the tomatoes well and cut them into wedges or sticks (of the size and shape you prefer).
  9. Now take the courgettes back, spread the yogurt on each one and only on one side and finish with a small piece of tomato.
  10. Roll up the rolls, arrange them on a plate with a toothpick and serve on the table.

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These rolls should be eaten at the moment , being fried, to fully enjoy the crunchiness of the breading. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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