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Good intentions after the summer holidays: to start off again!

Woman in the gym

September is the month of transition between summer and autumn: the right opportunity to make good resolutions after the end of the summer holidays!

When the summer is about to end, the days begin to shorten and the temperatures drop by a few degrees. In particular, the month of September is a bit considered as the beginning of a new year , because it is the bridge that connects summer with autumn and one resumes the daily routine after the summer holidays. To prevent nostalgia for the hottest months and holidays from making itself felt too much, we can take this opportunity to make good resolutions for the future. These can be of different types, both as regards our passions and for physical and nutritional well-being.

Resolutions after the end of the holidays: what to do?

If we have been lazy during the summer holidays it is good, starting the month of September, to join the gym ! After all the efforts we’ve put in to shed those extra pounds for swimsuit fitting , we need to stay fit. We could try to attend some new course, such as pilates or yoga, so as to rebalance both body and mind.

Woman in the gym
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The alternative courses to those that are traditionally taken (Covid permitting) could prove to be really fun and interesting. A particular but very fun activity can be poledance . Ultimately though, fitness resolutions are always the best!

Good resolutions to be happy!

Furthermore, it is good to dedicate time to our passions ! In order to feel good, it is important to cultivate interests that can be multiple. Sometimes to feel better you just need to read a book, go to visit an exhibition, a big city, take a walk along the mountain paths or by the sea.

It is always important to set goals, which in the September period is very easy to set. We recommend that you also dedicate time to the house , perhaps create a space of our own.

We must try to take care of it and decorate it as best as possible, always according to everyone’s tastes. You can consult some furniture magazines or take inspiration from foreign countries to make decorations. Changing the furniture often (even if only with DIY decorations) or the arrangement of the furniture in the house makes you happy!

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