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Goodbye tint! Here’s how to cover gray hair naturally

Grey hair

Chemical dye is the quickest and most effective way to color your hair, but it’s not very healthy. Instead, let’s see how to cover white hair naturally.

White hair is a cross for many people, especially when it starts to appear at a young age. Covering them with a chemical dye is the quickest and most effective solution, but not the healthiest.

In fact, most dyes contain substances that damage the hair and scalp and can even cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it is better to cover white hair with natural and healthy dyes. Here are the best ones!

How to cover gray hair: the remedies for each color

Grey hair
Stress gray hair

Henna to cover gray hair is certainly the best natural method. Although brown, blonde, black and red henna are available on the market, in reality the only true natural henna is the one made up of Lawsonia inermis , a herb that tinges red. By adding other dyeing herbs to Lawsonia, such as Indigo and Katam , it is possible to obtain various shades of brown and black. With Cassia , called neutral henna, golden reflections are obtained instead.

But be careful: with henna it is never possible to lighten your hair ! This means that white hair will always be a slightly lighter color than the rest of the hair. For example, by using Lawsonia alone on a brown base, white hair will turn red, while the others will turn auburn. Indigo and Katam, on the other hand, used alone make gray or blonde hair blue and violet respectively, while giving only a slight reflection to dark hair. Cassia does not color dark hair , while it makes gray hair blonde and intensifies the golden reflection of blonde ones.

To get a brown, you need to mix Lawsonia with Indigo and / or Katam . The more Indigo and Katam you add to the mix, the darker and more black the color will be. To avoid finding an unwanted color, we advise you to first test on small hidden locks.

To make henna, mix the powder with hot water, adding it slowly and stirring until you get a creamy batter. Then apply the cream all over your hair, starting from the roots, using your hands (don’t forget to wear rubber gloves!) And a dye brush. Cover your hair with a cap or cling film and leave the henna on for at least an hour. Finally, proceed with the shampoo.

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