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Goodbye white smile: the new trend is colored teeth!

Goodbye white smile: the new trend is colored teeth!

Extra-white teeth are out of fashion, now there is a new, crazy trend: colored teeth!

Beauty trends never cease to amaze. Lately, many girls went crazy about coloring their teeth. Showing off a colorful smile, even if it is just for a few hours, is now possible. The New York brand Chrõm created a product called Chrõm Toothpolish.

It is a polish for your teeth. It is not a toothpaste, it is like nail polish. Dental professionals studied and recommended this product.

Not only rappers have colored teeth, the new season trend!

Extra-white and spotless teeth lovers will have to surrender to this new fashion. The latest trend is dying your teeth in various colors, from pink to green, from light to bright colors. The beauty universe never stops to amaze.

Denti colorati
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This product is like nail polish, but it is made with food colouring to avoid damaging or staining the dental enamel. You need to apply it with a little brush on every single tooth. This teeth polish is available in ten colors and you can choose whether to color all your smile or just some teeth. The founder of the line, David Silverstein, has promised to launch soon a new glitter line.

How do you wear this teeth dye? Just try and imagine it as an extra accessory to match with your make up, lipstick, nail polish or outfit. The coloring does not fade when you eat and lasts 24 hours. A lot of girls have already fallen in love with it: social medias are full of photos of this new trend.

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